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Our mission at AirFreightShipping.co is to meet your every shipping need,
whether your cargo stays on the ground or travels by air.

We offer hot shot trucking services for large cargo that defies conventional packaging and traditional delivery vehicles.

This is not to say we limit our hot shot services to oversize and odd dimension shipments, just that many of our faithful customers are in the energy, automotive, and construction sectors; companies that need to get engines, vehicles, pipelines, and the like to sites which are often located in lesser-traveled remote areas of the country. That's where our national and regional network of hot shot truckers come in, ready to pick up your cargo, whether your shipment is routinely scheduled or urgently critical; and they'll arrive in a vehicle appropriate for its weight and dimensions.

A Hot Shot Trucking Company at Your
Service Every Step of the Journey

At times, most companies will face an urgent shipping deadline when only the very quickest option provides the opportunity for your freight to arrive on time. AirFreight.com understands that these situations require rapid round the clock response, strategic planning and the ability to deliver.

When faced with urgency dependable experience truly counts, it's our extensive background in air freight and air charter services that result in us handling each of your most critical shipments with results in mind. Fortunately you only have air freight emergencies now and then, but we assist our customers with such situations every day of the year. We also provide expedited ground freight solutions to partner with our air freight services or stand alone as needed.

Our valued clients include


Bryan was fantastic - Excellent customer service! I was frantic trying to get my shipment of paper from WI to NY overnight. He calmly assured me he could get it done and he did. On time! Excellent customer service! All my questions were answered with "yes", "yes" and we can do it! He pulled us out of the "fire". He kept me in the loop every step of the way of where my truck was and the ETA. I couldn't have asked for better service. My manager and I were so grateful to have found Bryan and his company.

- Mary Temelkovski, Xerox Corporation

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