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More than one of our customer service agents report that they've been called miracle workers because they've achieved the impossible, getting a shipment across the country in a single day.

While grateful customers may see it that way, the agents see same day delivery as part of a typical day's work.

That's because the need for same day delivery services may be a once in a lifetime necessity for most business owners or logistics managers, but when you work for AirFreight.com, expediting shipments is all you do so you know who to call to get it done.

Same Day Delivery Services When There's Not a Minute to Spare

Whether it's a matter of a standard delivery gone awry, an unexpected supply chain snafu, or the failure of a crucial part, Airfreight.com is the same day delivery company with the connections to set things right. Our customer service agents are phenomenal when it comes to rapid responses. As soon as they know the dimensions of your shipment, your critical time frame, and the distance involved they are ready to dispatch the appropriate size truck to pick it up. Typically, you can expect the truck to arrive at your facility within a few hours of hanging up the phone.

Depending on how far the next day delivery shipment must travel, the dispatched truck may take it all the way to your recipient, or it may only take it as far as the nearest airport. But just the same, your goods will be the only cargo on the truck so you don't have to worry about time-consuming stops to pick up and discharge other shipments, not when every minute counts.

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Same Day Delivery Trucking

Two factors determine if same day delivery ground transportation will work for you — how early you call us, and how far the shipment will be going. If they line up right, your customer agent will dispatch a two man driver team, so they can spell each other for a non-stop drive eliminating the need for rest stops which would eat into your deadline.

The types of vehicles at our disposal include:

  • Sprinter vans
  • Temperature-controlled vehicles
  • Straight trucks
  • Tractor trailers

The reason we are able to provide trucks so quickly is that in our ten+ years of providing same day delivery services, we have forged relationships with a network of carefully vetted trucking companies and experienced drivers who understand our need for meeting deadlines. Since they are located in every one of the fifty states plus Mexico and Canada, no matter where you are, we can get a vehicle for you. And importantly, you can rest assured your agent will have your budget in mind, she will never send more truck than you need.

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Same Day Delivery by Scheduled Airfreight

If the distance involved makes same day ground delivery out of the question, your agent will contact one of the airlines we rely on to fly our same day delivery freight to airports all over the country. Again, due to our years of doing business with them, they know how important expedited deliveries are to us, and we in turn trust them because they come through for our customers every time.

If you're okay with her price quote your agent will dispatch a truck to whisk your shipment to the airport for departure, and arrange for another truck at the other end of the journey to bring it to your customer's receiving area.

Same Day Delivery by Air Charter

It may happen that none of the airlines your agent contacts are able to accommodate your deadline. Sometimes it's a scheduling problem, other times, the airport to which it is going is not a location they serve.

In this case, she will arrange for an air charter. She will issue you a quote and if you give the word, the truck we dispatch will take your shipment to a waiting plane, and another truck and driver will be waiting when it arrives at its destination to usher it to your customer.

And as with all our services, no matter the mode of transportation, no other cargo will be on board except yours.

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Your Dedicated Agent

You may have noticed we keep referring to your agent as she, but it might also be a he. No matter which, from the minute she (or he) takes your call, she will be your single point of contact, dedicating herself to seeing that your shipment reaches its destination before the day ends.

Furthermore, she will keep you in the loop with regular updates, and remain available to answer any questions you may have, or do any followup you may need.

Staying in Touch With Your Shipment

Airfreight.com has invested in advanced monitoring technology and pinpoint satellite tracking so, at any time during its journey, your agent will be able to ascertain exactly how far it has gone.

This means that should an unforeseen unavoidable situation arise, such as backed-up air traffic or a sudden storm, your agent can come up with a contingency plan to circumvent and minimize the delay.

Of course, she will let you know what is going on so you can alert those awaiting it, allowing them to form contingency plans of their own. If perchance, the news is good and the shipment will arrive ahead of time she will make sure the driver charged with meeting the air charter will get to the airport early.

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A 24/7/365 Day Same Day Delivery Company

What we have described here is a typical same day delivery journey, but it could be any day of the year. Airfreight.com is dedicated to offering its dependable next day delivery services every day of the year, every hour of the day.

What we have described here is a typical same day delivery journey, but it could be any day of the year. Airfreight.com is dedicated to offering its dependable next day delivery services every day of the year, every hour of the day.


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